abbreviation for

  1. Office for National Statistics

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Example Sentences

There are stands for mod collections and add-ons to change the appearance or draw of regulated and advanced vaporizers.

We know his gestures, his tics, his pet peeves, and his turn-ons.

Strap-ons, T-injections, and lesbian sex parties—young male adventures have come a long way from Huckleberry Finn.

There are walk-ons from Yves Saint Laurent (“Once you got to know him, you got to know everyone, his circle was so small”).

The aggressive come-ons lure crowds that can turn violent and frenzied.

If one comes others may come, and indeed I never saw such behaviour, no, not in a den of li-ons!

"Only a quack medical concern looking for a stall to impress their come-ons," explained Waldemar.

He'd tried one of the simplest come-ons, and there had been too much of a pause.

What has made thy heart so sore as to come and cry a-this-ons?

To this day he is, and for many ons to come he will be in spirit, the ruler and judge over Islam.