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[oh-uh-goh-nee-uh m]
noun, plural o·o·go·ni·a [oh-uh-goh-nee-uh] /ˌoʊ əˈgoʊ ni ə/, o·o·go·ni·ums. Biology.
  1. one of the undifferentiated germ cells giving rise to oocytes.
  2. the one-celled female reproductive organ in certain thallophytes, usually a more or less spherical sac containing one or more eggs.
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Origin of oogonium

From New Latin, dating back to 1865–70; see origin at oo-, -gonium
Related formso·o·go·ni·al, adjective
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Historical Examples of oogonium

  • It is seldom that more than one antheridium applies itself to an oogonium.

    Fungi: Their Nature and Uses

    Mordecai Cubitt Cooke

  • Mycelium present, antheridia with antherozoids, oogonium with single oosphere: Monoblepharidaceae.

  • Oogonium with the central uninucleate oosphere and the fertilizing tube (a) of the antheridium which introduces the male nucleus.

British Dictionary definitions for oogonium


noun plural -nia (-nɪə) or -niums
  1. an immature female germ cell forming oocytes by repeated divisions
  2. a female sex organ of some algae and fungi producing female gametes (oospheres)
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Derived Formsoogonial, adjective
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oogonium in Medicine


n. pl. o•o•go•ni•ums
  1. The primitive egg mother cell from which the oocytes develop.
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Related formso′o•goni•al (-nē-əl) adj.
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oogonium in Science


Plural oogonia oogoniums
  1. A female reproductive structure in certain algae and fungi. It is usually a rounded cell or sac containing one or more oospheres.
  2. A cell that arises from a primordial germ cell and differentiates into an oocyte in the ovary of female animals.
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