open field


, Football.
  1. any area of the playing field away from the heavily trafficked line of scrimmage, in which the defense is widely scattered.



  1. prenominal medieval history of or denoting the system in which an arable area was divided into unenclosed strips, esp cultivated by different tenants

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Example Sentences

Instead of spoofing it, Farmer Derek plays it on trombone in an open field.

It was a prized image in Chicago: the joy of the fat man in the open field.

And with a wide-open field in both parties in the race for 2016, those governors used the occasion to make an opening statement.

In one open field where several vehicles had been clustered, the smell of burning oil and decaying bodies mixed in the dusty air.

Amelie lives in a rural setting–an open field with cinder-block houses in various stages of construction.

The men then were placed in single line in the edge of the brush facing the open field.

The troop rode up the cross road until the bushes were cleared, and then filed into the open field.

If a man has hired an ox or sheep and a lion has killed it in the open field, that loss is for its owner forsooth.

The path led for some distance through a thicket of alders and underbrush, from which at length it emerged into an open field.

Mr. Childers states, that 80 Leicester sheep in the open field, consumed 50 baskets of cut turnips per day, besides oil-cake.