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open up


  1. intr to start firing a gun or guns
  2. intr to speak freely or without restraint
  3. informal.
    intr (of a motor vehicle) to accelerate
  4. tr to render accessible

    the motorway opened up the remoter areas

  5. to make or become more exciting or lively

    the game opened up after half-time

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Example Sentences

Some of them would open up deep splits in core Democratic constituencies.

Many advocates want those changed, adjusted, or bolstered, and the only way to do that is to open up the bill and reauthorize it.

They open up about the state of the music industry, Taylor Swift and Miley, and overcoming tragedy.

Over the next few years, a chasm would open up between the Party and the KGB, culminating with the failed coup in August 1991.

“They are not able to open up easily,” she says, when they first come to her.

They still more soften the feelings and open up the sources of grief.

"I hae lost my contracts, sir," began Sanny, not knowing how else to open up the subject.

This line would open up a country of boundless timber and mineral resources, and might well create many a fresh industry.

In a few minutes this side will open up and the spray can be inhaled through it freely back into the throat.

It's more than the Bar-O folks need, but there's no one else, unless I bring in sheep men and open up an old controversy.





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