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open air



  1. the outdoors.



[ oh-puhn-air ]


  1. existing in, taking place in, or characteristic of the open air; outdoor:

    The orchestra gave three open-air concerts last summer.

open air


    1. the place or space where the air is unenclosed; the outdoors
    2. ( as modifier )

      an open-air concert

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Other Words From

  • open-airish adjective
  • open-airish·ness noun
  • open-airness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of open air1

First recorded in 1520–30

Origin of open air2

First recorded in 1820–30

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Example Sentences

In the days following the Taliban takeover, Afghan female journalists interviewed members of the Taliban on live television and in the open air.

From Time

It is now the oldest intact campfire ever found in the open air.

Besides the simple joy of seeing a cartoonish eel have its lunch, this video provides a remarkable look at how the snowflake moray succeeds at feeding out in open air.

The leftover oxide minerals, which would be calcium oxide if the process starts with limestone, can be spread out in thin layers across sheets, stacked vertically, and exposed to the open air.

However, the movements that produce this suction don’t work very well when used in open air, which is much less dense and viscous than water.

“The streets were a place to go to, not to go through,” she writes of the city's bustling open-air markets.

“The idea is to get out in the open air, have a picnic,” Wrigley said.

They are being forced into open air prisons to make room for Israel's wall, religiously-exclusive housing, and armories.

Measuring 2,500 sq ft, the suite boasts three bedrooms, a fruit garden, an open air shower and its own lotus pond.

Behind her a film crew set up beneath an open-air Venetian pavilion.

After looking for them in vain down below he had feared that they might have found their way into the open air.

Notwithstanding the intense heat the open-air life of the march was healthy, and, in many respects, agreeable.

All happened as the young girl had promised, and in a few moments they were in the open air and in freedom.

Here in the evening were several open-air religious services.

We found these open-air services held in many towns through England and Scotland.





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