open caption

[ oh-puhn kap-shuhn ]

nounMovies, Television, Digital Technology.
  1. a transcription or translation of dialogue, together with a written description of other audio elements, as sound effects, music, or atmospheric sounds, time-synchronized with a television program, film, or video, and displayed as a text overlay, usually on the lower part of the screen: open captions are embedded in the source video and cannot be turned on and off: People who see your video on social media are probably watching with the sound turned down, so it’s a good idea to add open captions.: Compare closed caption.

Origin of open caption

First recorded in 1975–80
  • Also called burned-in cap·tion [burnd-in kap-shuhn], /ˈbɜrnd ɪn ˈkæp ʃən/, baked-in cap·tion [beykt-in kap-shuhn] /ˈbeɪkt ɪn ˈkæp ʃən/ .

Other words from open caption

  • o·pen-cap·tion, verb (used with object)
  • o·pen-cap·tioned, adjective
  • o·pen cap·tion·ing, o·pen-cap·tion·ing, noun

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