[ oh-puhn-mouthd, -moutht ]
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  1. having the mouth open.

  2. gaping, as with surprise or astonishment.

  1. greedy, ravenous, or rapacious.

  2. clamoring at the sight of game or prey, as hounds.

  3. vociferous or clamorous.

  4. having a wide mouth, as a pitcher or jar.

Origin of open-mouthed

First recorded in 1525–35

Other words for open-mouthed

Other words from open-mouthed

  • o·pen-mouth·ed·ly [oh-puhn-mou-thid-lee, -moutht-lee], /ˈoʊ pənˈmaʊ ðɪd li, -ˈmaʊθt li/, adverb
  • o·pen-mouth·ed·ness, noun

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How to use open-mouthed in a sentence

  • But these recommendations left the participants in these closed-door discussions open-mouthed more than once.

  • The courtroom was left open-mouthed, wondering what happened next on that June morning.

  • The musician assumed a position of open-mouthed wonder, gazing steadily at the visitor.

    The Fifth String   | John Philip Sousa
  • "But I must see her," Eloise said, alighting first and brushing past him, while he stood open-mouthed with surprise.

    The Cromptons | Mary J. Holmes
  • Riggleton looked at him with open-mouthed wonder, evidently staggered that Faversham was taking the matter so calmly.

    The Everlasting Arms | Joseph Hocking

British Dictionary definitions for open-mouthed


  1. having an open mouth, esp in surprise

  2. greedy or ravenous

  1. clamorous or vociferous

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