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open sea


  1. the main body of a sea or ocean, especially the part that is outside territorial waters and not enclosed, or partially enclosed, by land.

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I usually swam along the shore, but sometimes I had to swim to a peninsula or island, and I’d have to cross seven or eight kilometers of open sea.

In the summer of 2015, after a flood of refugees from Syria and other conflict-ridden nations risked death on the open seas to reach Europe, countries like Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia pushed them out.

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Zooxanthellae adsorb the coral’s respired carbon dioxide and phosphatic wastes and are in turn protected from predation in the open sea.

A flood of refugees escaping Syria and other areas of conflict left their lives and possessions behind to risk death on the open seas in the hope of reaching Europe.

From Ozy

Worst danger zone, the open sea, now traversed, but on land not yet out of the wood.

The water suggested the fear that he must be nearing the open sea, and he became supernaturally grave.

It was barely four o'clock, and the sun came down a long vista of blue islands that led out to the open sea and Finland.

The point where we stood—a huddled, shivering group—faced the wider channels that led to the open sea and Finland.

Three English frigates would sink the whole force at Boulogne in the open sea.


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