[ oh-puhn-nis ]
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  1. the quality or state of being relatively free from obstruction or relatively unoccupied: The openness and the easy flow between the rooms make them appear larger.The vast openness of the desert stretched before us, broken only by cacti and spectacular rock formations.

  2. the quality or state of being unrestricted or not able to be restricted: In this age of openness through satellite, cell phones, the internet, and social media, it may be possible to restrict or slow down the flow of information, but it is impossible to stop it.

  1. the quality or state of being public or unconcealed: The foundation, a nonpartisan nonprofit, is dedicated to using the power of the internet to achieve greater government openness and transparency.Many variables can have an impact on comparative growth rates, such as the size and openness of a country's economy.

  2. the quality or state of being accessible or available:Canada’s openness to immigrants and familiar Frenchness made it more attractive to Haitians escaping political instability.

  3. the quality of being receptive to new ideas, opinions, or arguments; open-mindedness: This calls for active listeners who do not wish to have their expectations confirmed, but who bring with them a certain curiosity and openness to the world.While avoiding overtly controversial work, the awards committee has displayed an openness to unconventional or even critical art.

  4. an unreserved, candid, or frank manner: I suspect, but cannot prove, that my ongoing openness regarding the exaggerations, misstatements, and mischaracterizations in the company’s promotional materials led to my being fired.

Origin of openness

First recorded before 900; open + -ness

Other words from openness

  • sem·i·o·pen·ness, noun

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