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opera seria

[op-er-uh seer-ee-uh, op-ruh; Italian aw-pe-rah se-ryah]
noun, plural o·pe·ra se·rias, o·pe·ras se·ria, Italian o·pe·re se·rie [aw-pe-re se-rye] /ˈɔ pɛ rɛ ˈsɛ ryɛ/.
  1. Italian dramatic opera of the 18th century based typically on a classical subject and characterized by extensive use of the aria da capo and recitative.
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Origin of opera seria

1875–80; < Italian: literally, serious opera
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British Dictionary definitions for opera seria

opera seria

noun plural opere serie (Italian ˈopere ˈsɛːrje)
  1. a type of opera current in 18th-century Italy based on a serious plot, esp a mythological tale
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Word Origin

from Italian: serious opera
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