[ of-ee-yoo-kuhs, oh-fee- ]

noun,genitive Oph·i·u·chi [of-ee-yoo-kahy, oh-fee-]. /ˌɒf iˈyu kaɪ, ˌoʊ fi-/. Astronomy.
  1. the Serpent Bearer, a constellation on the celestial equator between Libra and Aquila.

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How to use Ophiuchus in a sentence

  • The southern part of the constellation Ophiuchus is almost inextricably mingled with Scorpio.

    Pleasures of the telescope | Garrett Serviss
  • We now pass northward to the region covered by map No. 14, including the remainder of Ophiuchus and Serpens.

    Pleasures of the telescope | Garrett Serviss
  • Esmun was represented with a serpent in his hand as the serpent-holder (Ophiuchus), and his head as surrounded by eight rays.

  • In 1604 Kepler recorded a similar star in the constellation of Ophiuchus which grew to be as bright as Jupiter.

    Astronomy of To-day | Cecil G. Dolmage
  • Now that they have their valuable cargo ready to go, how can they get it off Ophiuchus without help?

British Dictionary definitions for Ophiuchus


/ (ɒˈfjuːkəs) /

nounLatin genitive Ophiuchi (ɒˈfjuːkaɪ)
  1. a large constellation lying on the celestial equator between Hercules and Scorpius and containing the dark nebula, Ophiuchus Nebula

Origin of Ophiuchus

C17: via Latin from Greek Ophioukhos, from ophis snake + ekhein to hold

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