ophthalmia neonatorum

[ nee-uh-nuh-tawr-uh m, -tohr- ]
/ ˌni ə nəˈtɔr əm, -ˈtoʊr- /

noun Pathology.

inflammation of the eyes of a newborn child due to an infectious disease, as gonorrhea, contracted during birth from the infected mother.

Origin of ophthalmia neonatorum

< New Latin: ophthalmia of the newborn (plural)
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Medicine definitions for ophthalmia neonatorum

ophthalmia neonatorum
[ nē′ō-nā-tôrəm ]


Any of various forms of conjunctivitis in newborns, usually contracted during birth from passage through the infected birth canal of the mother.infantile purulent conjunctivitis
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