[ of-thuh l-mom-i-ter, -thuh-, -thal-, op- ]
/ ˌɒf θəlˈmɒm ɪ tər, -θə-, -θæl-, ˌɒp- /


an instrument for measuring the reflection of an image on the surface of the cornea and other capacities of the eye, used chiefly for determining the presence and degree of astigmatism.

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Origin of ophthalmometer

First recorded in 1835–45; ophthalmo- + -meter

Related formsoph·thal·mo·met·ric [of-thal-muh-me-trik, op-] /ɒfˌθæl məˈmɛ trɪk, ɒp-/, oph·thal·mo·met·ri·cal, adjectiveoph·thal·mom·e·try, noun

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Medicine definitions for ophthalmometer


[ ŏf′thəl-mŏmĭ-tər, -thăl-, ŏp′- ]



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