[ oh-pee-oid ]


, Biochemistry, Pharmacology.
  1. an opiate, or any similar synthetic compound: formerly referring only to the latter, but now the predominant term for both the opium-derived and synthetically produced substances:

    Illicit use of the synthetic opioid fentanyl is on the rise.

    The opium poppy is the source for all natural opioids.

  2. any opiumlike substance:

    Have any opioids been detected in poppies that do not contain opium?

  3. any of a group of natural substances, as the endorphins, produced by the body in increased amounts in response to stress and pain.


  1. pertaining to such a substance:

    opioid drugs such as heroin and oxycodone;

    opioid neuropeptides.


/ ˈəʊpɪˌɔɪd /


    1. any of a group of substances that resemble morphine in their physiological or pharmacological effects, esp in their pain-relieving properties
    2. modifier of or relating to such substances

      opioid analgesic

      opioid receptor

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Word History and Origins

Origin of opioid1

First recorded in 1955–60; opi(um) + -oid
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Example Sentences

Evidence obtained in the investigation showed that McKinsey senior executives in 2018 discussed destroying documents relating to the firm’s opioid work.

Rural and poor, Mingo County had the fourth-highest prescription opioid death rate of any county in the United States.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has worsened the opioid crisis, which has caused more than 400,000 overdose deaths in the past two decades.

His resignation letter cited the need to “win the fight against opioid abuse in order to save our country” and added that “players both big and small must meet equal justice under the law.”

Justice Department lawyers in Texas had launched a criminal investigation about Walmart’s handling of opioid painkillers and were prepared to bring charges, according to media reports.

From Fortune

In July, the Centers for Disease Control said more specifically that opioid painkillers kill someone every hour.

With an increase in opioid prescriptions starting in the early 2000s, overdoses in the U.S. began to skyrocket.

Never deny a request for an antibiotic, an opioid pain medication, a scan, or an admission.

Opioid overdose deaths in America are now greater than heroin and cocaine combined.

Once in the system, it binds with opioid receptor cells that send endorphins shooting through the body.





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