[ uh-pis-thuh-brangk ]
/ əˈpɪs θəˌbræŋk /


any gastropod mollusk of the order Opisthobranchia, as the sea slugs, sea butterflies, and sea hares, characterized by a vestigial or absent mantle and shell and two pairs of tentacles.


of or relating to the opisthobranches.
Also o·pis·tho·bran·chi·ate [uh-pis-thuh-brang-kee-it, -eyt] /əˌpɪs θəˈbræŋ ki ɪt, -ˌeɪt/.

Origin of opisthobranch

1850–55; < New Latin Opisthobranchia the subclass; see opistho-, branchia
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/ (əˈpɪsθəˌbræŋk) /


any marine gastropod of the class Opisthobranchia (or Opisthobranchiata), in which the shell is reduced or absent: includes the pteropods, sea hares, and nudibranchs

Word Origin for opisthobranch

via New Latin from Greek opisthen behind + -branch
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