opposite sex

[ op-uh-zit seks, op-uh-sit ]

  1. Often the opposite sex . women in reference to men or men in reference to women: Do you have many friends of the opposite sex?

  1. Usually opposite-sex . of or relating to two or more persons of different genders: The study is about relationships between children and their opposite-sex parents.Opposite-sex marriage is more normalized than same-sex marriage.

Origin of opposite sex

First recorded in 1710–30

usage note For opposite sex

The phrase opposite sex relies on an assumption that men and women are indeed opposites. This upholds a binary view of gender, and also usually conflates sex and gender, both of which may be considered controversial. A less binary version of the phrase is other genders.

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British Dictionary definitions for opposite sex

opposite sex

  1. the opposite sex women in relation to men or men in relation to women

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