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[awr-anz, ohr-]
noun, plural o·ran·tes [aw-ran-teez, oh-ran-] /ɔˈræn tiz, oʊˈræn-/,
  1. orant.
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[aw-ran, oh-ran; French aw-rahn]
  1. a seaport in NW Algeria.
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Historical Examples of orans

  • I think that other Orans go out, even yet, to the Country of the Sìdhe.

    The Divine Adventure etc. (Works vol. 4)

    Fiona Macleod

British Dictionary definitions for orans


  1. a port in NW Algeria: the second largest city in the country; scene of the destruction by the British of most of the French fleet in the harbour in 1940 to prevent its capture by the Germans. Pop: 744 000 (2005 est)
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