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[ awr-derd ]


  1. neatly or conveniently arranged; well-organized:

    an ordered office.

  2. done according to specific principles or procedures:

    an ordered method of assembling the parts.

  3. conducted according to certain precepts or rules:

    an ordered way of life.

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Other Words From

  • ordered·ness noun
  • non·ordered adjective
  • un·ordered adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of ordered1

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Example Sentences

This is good news for the end of the pandemic—but particularly for those countries that have already pre-ordered millions of doses of these three vaccine candidates.

From Quartz

Not long after I was finally diagnosed, my doctor ordered a bone density scan.

As reparation, the court ordered $563 to be paid out to Yang and required the clinic to post an apology on its website.

Chan ordered the man to put it down and the ensuing criminal complaint would say that he complied.

And in September 2008, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ordered the release of a 21-photo subset.

At stake is not just the 21 photos that were originally ordered to be released.

The general commanded a halt, and ordered the men to refresh and strengthen themselves by food and drink.

Poindexter ordered his men to fall in, and they followed Porter, but at a more leisurely gait.

HE ordered a lunch which he thought the girl would like, with wine to revive the faculties that he knew must be failing.

In 1603 it was ordered that one quart of best ale, or two of small, should be sold for one penny.

It was now about eight o'clock at night, and the captain ordered supper immediately, thinking I had already fasted too long.


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