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[ awr-dn-air-uh-lee, awr-dn-er-uh-lee ]


  1. most of the time; generally; usually:

    Ordinarily he wakes at seven.

  2. in an unexceptional manner or fashion; modestly:

    a wealthy child who was dressed ordinarily.

  3. to the usual extent; reasonably:

    to expect someone to be ordinarily honest.


/ ˈɔːdəˌnɛrɪlɪ; ˈɔːdənrɪlɪ /


  1. in ordinary, normal, or usual practice; usually; normally

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ordinarily1

First recorded in 1525–35; ordinary + -ly

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Example Sentences

Markets don’t ordinarily supply that kind of information in advance.

From Quartz

There were people caught up in the moment, he said, doing things they would not ordinarily do.

In Manhattan’s Times Square—ordinarily such a tourist draw that the Olive Garden location can charge $400 a head on New Year’s Eve—the police have erected barriers to keep people away.

From Fortune

In January, during the week when the annual meeting ordinarily convenes, the WEF is hosting a virtual summit called The Davos Agenda.

From Fortune

They saw secondhand clothing as a way to access both cheap goods and ones they ordinarily could not afford.

“Ordinarily, you see punch-counterpunch-punch,” as the attacked party tries to fend off the intruder, the former official said.

Ordinarily, candidates have years to work out their global agendas in relative obscurity.

Not all of these allies would ordinarily be considered friends of America.

Ordinarily, a medical team might massage the heart an hour before giving up.

Ordinarily, that would make a run for House Majority Leader impossible.

The quality of artistic beauty in articulation is very important, beyond the mere accuracy which is ordinarily thought of.

It is ordinarily considered that the range of the speaking voice is very limited as compared with the singer's range.

Ordinarily the diazo appears a little earlier than the Widal reaction—about the fourth or fifth day—but it may be delayed.

Much more attention should be given than is ordinarily devoted to the consideration of rhythm.

Ordinarily, no attempt is made to identify any but the tubercle bacillus and the gonococcus.


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