[ awr-doh ]
/ ˈɔr doʊ /

noun, plural or·di·nes [awr-dn-eez] /ˈɔr dnˌiz/.

Roman Catholic Church. a booklet containing short and abbreviated directions for the contents of the office and Mass of each day in the year.

Origin of ordo

1840–50; < Medieval Latin ōrdō, Latin: series, row, order

Definition for ordo (2 of 2)

novus ordo seclorum
[ noh-woo s ohr-doh se-kloh-roo m; English noh-vuh s awr-doh se-klawr-uh m, -klohr- ]
/ ˈnoʊ wʊs ˈoʊr doʊ sɛˈkloʊ rʊm; English ˈnoʊ vəs ˈɔr doʊ sɛˈklɔr əm, -ˈkloʊr- /


a new order of the ages (is born): motto on the reverse of the great seal of the United States (adapted from Vergil's Eclogues IV:5).
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