[awr-ee-ad, ohr‐]


Classical Mythology. any of a group of nymphs who were the companions of Artemis.

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Origin of oread

< Latin Orēad- (stem of Orēas) < Greek Oreiad- (stem of Oreiás), noun use of oreiás of the mountains, equivalent to órei(os) of the mountains (derivative of óros mountain) + -as feminine patronymic suffix

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Greek myth a mountain nymph

Word Origin for oread

C16: via Latin from Greek Oreias, from oros mountain

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1580s, from Latin Oreas (genitive Oreadis), from Greek Oreias "mountain nymph," from oros "mountain," probably from PIE root *er-/*or- "to raise" (cf. Sanskrit rsvah "high," Latin oriri "to raise;" see orchestra).

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