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  1. a plural of organon.
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  1. a plural of organum.
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noun, plural or·ga·na [awr-guh-nuh] /ˈɔr gə nə/, or·ga·nons.
  1. an instrument of thought or knowledge.
  2. Philosophy. a system of rules or principles of demonstration or investigation.
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Origin of organon

1580–90; < Greek órganon; see organ


[awr-guh-nuh m]
noun, plural or·ga·na [awr-guh-nuh] /ˈɔr gə nə/, or·ga·nums.
  1. an organon.
  2. Music.
    1. the doubling, or simultaneous singing, of a melody at an interval of either a fourth, a fifth, or an octave.
    2. the second part in such singing.
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Origin of organum

From Latin, dating back to 1605–15; see origin at organ
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Related Words for organa

arrangement, unity, melody, composition, tune, chord, unison, consonance, concert, richness, concurrence, piece, chime, chorus, euphony, symphony, triad, blend, overtone, blending

Examples from the Web for organa

Historical Examples of organa

  • We had passed the night at the hotel of the Libertad at Organa, where we both slept well enough.

    Tomaso's Fortune and Other Stories

    Henry Seton Merriman

  • Again, I find exploited to the medical profession, through its own organa, a "sure cure for dropsy."

    The Great American Fraud

    Samuel Hopkins Adams

  • Vasa sunt, says Augustine of human troublers, alius utitur; organa sunt, alius tangit.

British Dictionary definitions for organa


  1. a plural of organon, organum
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noun plural -na (-nə) or -nums
  1. a form of polyphonic music originating in the ninth century, consisting of a plainsong melody with parts added at the fourth and fifth
  2. a variant of organon
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Word Origin for organum

C17: via Latin from Greek; see organ



noun plural organa (ˈɔːɡənə), -nons, -na or -nums Epistemology
  1. a system of logical or scientific rules, esp that of Aristotle
  2. archaic a sense organ, regarded as an instrument for acquiring knowledge
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Word Origin for organon

C16: from Greek: implement; see organ
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organa in Medicine


n. pl. or•ga•nons
  1. An organ.
  2. A set of principles for use in scientific investigation.
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