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[ awr-jee-as-tik ]


  1. of, relating to, or having the nature of an orgy.

    Synonyms: riotous, debauched, licentious, wanton

  2. tending to arouse or excite unrestrained emotion:

    orgiastic rhythms.

  3. Sociology. (of an expressive crowd) reaching a peak of emotional intensity, often of an ecstatic nature and frequently expressed by uninhibited behavior. Compare expressive ( def 4 ).

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Word History and Origins

Origin of orgiastic1

1690–1700; < Greek orgiastikós, derivative (with -tikos -tic ) of orgiázein to celebrate orgies (derivative of órgia secret rites; orgy )

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Example Sentences

The worship of some of these deities appears to have included orgiastic rituals: music, wine, sex.

The three were living it up at his Arcore villa outside Milan, made famous by his orgiastic Bunga-Bunga parties.

Yet what should have been an orgiastic love fest, was, surprisingly, far more muted.

It is only in the more extreme form of the ecstatic-orgiastic dance that both sexes participate.

In what orgiastic festivals do we dispose of the surplus of vital power?

Of a sudden the rage seemed to die in Hal, spent in that last, orgiastic convulsion of passion.

All was confusion, all a kind of wild and orgiastic dream, culmination of heredity, of a spirit run amok.

But it had one curious feature which seemed rather to be primitive and orgiastic.