oriel window

/ (ˈɔːrɪəl) /

  1. a bay window, esp one that is supported by one or more brackets or corbels: Sometimes shortened to: oriel

Origin of oriel window

C14: from Old French oriol gallery, perhaps from Medieval Latin auleolum niche

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How to use oriel window in a sentence

  • Richard drew himself up on to the wide, cushioned bench below the oriel-window.

  • A lady at an oriel window was a person who must ultimately do one thing.

    Under the Law | Edwina Stanton Babcock
  • Nay, from a certain oriel window he discovered stars, so many and so beautiful that he trembled with delight.

  • It was filled also by the rose-red light of the sunset streaming in through the curve of the oriel-window.

  • Directly behind the altar was a large oriel window of stained glass, representing subjects from Scripture.

    The Days of Bruce Vol 1 | Grace Aguilar