[ awr-uh-flam, or- ]
/ ˈɔr əˌflæm, ˈɒr- /


the red banner of St. Denis, near Paris, carried before the early kings of France as a military ensign.
any ensign, banner, or standard, especially one that serves as a rallying point or symbol.

Origin of oriflamme

1425–75; late Middle English oriflam < Middle French oriflamme, Old French, equivalent to orie golden (< Latin aurea, feminine of aureus, derivative of aurum gold) + flamme flame
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British Dictionary definitions for oriflamme

/ (ˈɒrɪˌflæm) /


a scarlet flag, originally of the abbey of St Denis in N France, adopted as the national banner of France in the Middle Ages

Word Origin for oriflamme

C15: via Old French, from Latin aurum gold + flamma flame
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