[awr-lan-doh; also for 1, Italian awr-lahn-daw]
  1. Vit·to·rio E·ma·nu·e·le [veet-taw-ryaw e-mah-noo-e-le] /vitˈtɔ ryɔ ˌɛ mɑ nuˈɛ lɛ/, 1860–1952, Italian statesman.
  2. a city in central Florida: resort.
  3. a male given name, form of Roland.
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  1. a city in the US, in Florida: site of Walt Disney World. Pop: 199 336 (2003 est)
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masc. proper name, Italian form of Roland (q.v.). The city in Florida, U.S., so called from 1857, supposedly in honor of a U.S. soldier, Orlando Reeves, who was killed there in 1835 by Seminoles. It had been settled c.1844 as Jernigan.

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