/ ˈɔːlɒf /


  1. OrlovGrigori Grigorievich, Count17341783MRussianMILITARY: soldierPOLITICS: statesman Count Grigori Grigorievich . 1734–83, Russian soldier and a lover of Catherine II. He led (with his brother, Count Aleksey Grigorievich Orlov , 1737–1808) the coup that brought Catherine to power

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Example Sentences

By Alex Orlov for Life by DailyBurn Do dark, chilly days make your mood cloud over this time each year?

By Alex Orlov for Life by DailyBurn If your fridge is a graveyard of expired foods, listen up.

Orlov tempted the Greeks of the Morea to take up arms, and then left them in the lurch.

I have spoken of Orlov's face and hair only because there was something in his appearance worth mentioning.

She was a well-fed and pampered hussy who adored Orlov because he was a gentleman and despised me because I was a footman.

Pekarsky laughed sedately, but from his serious expression one could see that Orlov's new love affair was distasteful to him.

And Orlov was still out of humour; he was obviously restraining himself not to vent his ill-temper aloud.