[ awr-mer ]
/ ˈɔr mər /


an abalone, Haliotis tuberculata, living in waters of the Channel Islands.
any abalone.


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Origin of ormer

1665–75; < French ormier < Latin auris maris ear of the sea

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Examples from the Web for ormer

  • Hennie Penny, you see, had come bravely through dire troubles of her own, and tribulation softens the heart as it does the ormer.

  • For one with artistic tastes and love of colour like myself, the interior of an ormer shell is a veritable fairy grotto.

    Jethou|E. R. Suffling

British Dictionary definitions for ormer


/ (ˈɔːmə) /


Also called: sea-ear an edible marine gastropod mollusc, Haliotis tuberculata, that has an ear-shaped shell perforated with holes and occurs near the Channel Islands
any other abalone

Word Origin for ormer

C17: from French (Guernsey dialect), apparently from Latin auris ear + mare sea

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