a combining form meaning “bird,” used in the formation of compound words: ornithology.

Also especially before a vowel, ornith-.

Origin of ornitho-

combining form representing Greek ornīth- (stem of órnīs) bird
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British Dictionary definitions for ornitho-


before a vowel ornith-

combining form

bird or birdsornithology; ornithomancy; ornithopter; ornithoscopy; ornithosis

Word Origin for ornitho-

from Greek ornis, ornith- bird
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Word Origin and History for ornitho-

before vowels ornith-, word-forming element meaning "bird, birds," from comb. form of Greek ornis (genitive ornithos) "a bird" (in Attic generally "domestic fowl"), often added to the specific name of the type of bird, from PIE *or- "large bird" (see erne).

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