[ awr-uh-tuhnd, ohr- ]
/ ˈɔr əˌtʌnd, ˈoʊr- /


(of the voice or speech) characterized by strength, fullness, richness, and clearness.
(of a style of speaking) pompous or bombastic.

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Origin of orotund

1785–95; contraction of Latin phrase ōre rotundō, with round mouth

Related formso·ro·tun·di·ty [awr-uh-tuhn-di-tee, ohr-] /ˌɔr əˈtʌn dɪ ti, ˌoʊr-/, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for orotund


/ (ˈɒrəʊˌtʌnd) /


(of the voice) resonant; booming
(of speech or writing) bombastic; pompous

Word Origin for orotund

C18: from Latin phrase ore rotundo with rounded mouth

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Word Origin and History for orotund



1792, from Latin ore rotundo "in well-rounded phrases," literally "with round mouth" (see ore rotundo).

The odd thing about the word is that its only currency, at least in its non-technical sense, is among those who should most abhor it, the people of sufficient education to realize its bad formation; it is at once a monstrosity in its form & a pedantry in its use. [Fowler]
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