[awr-fiz-uh m]
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  1. the religious or philosophical system of the Orphic school.
  2. (often lowercase) Also called orphic cubism. Fine Arts. a short-lived but influential artistic movement of the early 20th century arising from analytic cubism and the work of Robert Delaunay and having as conspicuous characteristics the use of bold color, the dynamic, prismatic juxtaposition and overlapping of nonobjective geometric forms and planes, and a lightness and lyricism dissociated from its cubist origins.
Compare synchromism.

Origin of Orphism

(def 2) < French orphisme, equivalent to Orph(ée) Orpheus + -isme -ism; term introduced by G. Apollinaire c1913
Related formsOr·phist, noun, adjective
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  1. a mystery religion of ancient Greece, widespread from the 6th century bc onwards, combining pre-Hellenic beliefs, the Thracian cult of (Dionysius) Zagreus, etc
Derived FormsOrphistic, adjective
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