/ ɔːˈteɪɡə /


  1. OrtegaDaniel1945MNicaraguanPOLITICS: politicianPOLITICS: head of state Daniel, full surname Ortega Saavedra. born 1945, Nicaraguan politician and former resistance leader; president of Nicaragua (1985–90) and from 2007

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Example Sentences

So to hear such fervent anti-Ortega sentiment from previously devoted campesinos and compañeros is unprecedented.

Ortega has dismissed the allegations of autocracy and fraud that have afflicted his presidency as politically motivated.

Both Rodenhouse and Ortega were talking about nails when they began researching their project.

Francisca Ortega Ramirez wanted her three children to help her decide whether to ask to reopen the case of her husband.

The only big ones we really have to deal with now, it seems, are Ortega and Murillo.

Portola nodded and observed Ortega's sharp commands wheel a dozen mounted soldados into line.

When she had finished she passed on to the pathetic little histories of Éléna Duncan and Benicia Ortega.

Ortega was shot, but the princes saved their lives, and that of Elio, by making an abject surrender of their claims.

In 1537 Ortega was engaged to repair the damaged or broken panes at a yearly salary of 11,250 maravedis.

Subsequently, it was visited by Ortega in 1815 and Estudillo in 1819 but these writers gave no population figures.