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[ awr-thuh-dok-see ]


, plural or·tho·dox·ies
  1. orthodox belief or practice.
  2. orthodox character.

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Other Words From

  • anti·ortho·doxy noun
  • hyper·ortho·doxy noun
  • pro-ortho·doxy adjective
  • un·ortho·doxy noun plural unorthodoxies

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Word History and Origins

Origin of orthodoxy1

1620–30; < Late Latin orthodoxia < Greek orthodoxía right opinion, equivalent to orthódox ( os ) ( orthodox ) + -ia -y 3

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Example Sentences

He hardly spares any codified religion from his angry denunciations, including Orthodoxy.

But his picture is far richer than the grim founder worship usually found in American political orthodoxy.

Paul has generated positive headlines with a pivot away from party orthodoxy in recent months.

What was his argument against the moderate McMahon, who was so willing to buck his own party orthodoxy?

In short, the proposals of the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee have already become party orthodoxy.

The new creed, called the King's Book, approved by the houses of convocation, and made the standard of English orthodoxy.

He has been all his life an ardent Whig, and Clay and Webster were his standards of political orthodoxy.

By this time a sad departure from primitive orthodoxy of belief had already taken place.

Even orthodoxy must trip it on tiptoe; there was always some prejudice, some susceptibility to consider.

It was, however, resolutely opposed, and an outward orthodoxy rigidly kept up.


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