[awr-thog-nuh-thuh s]

adjective Craniometry.

straight-jawed; having the profile of the face vertical or nearly so; having a gnathic index below 98.

Also or·thog·nath·ic [awr-thuh g-nath-ik, -thog-] /ˌɔr θəgˈnæθ ɪk, -θɒg-/.

Origin of orthognathous

First recorded in 1850–55; ortho- + -gnathous
Related formsor·thog·na·thism [awr-thog-nuh-thiz-uh m] /ɔrˈθɒg nəˌθɪz əm/, or·thog·na·thy, nounhy·per·or·thog·na·thous, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for orthognathic



anatomy having normally aligned jaws
Derived Formsorthognathism or orthognathy, noun
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orthognathic in Medicine


[ôr′thō-năthĭk, ôr′thəg-]


Relating to orthognathia.
Having a jaw that does not project forward.
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