[ awr-thuh-prak-see ]
/ ˈɔr θəˌpræk si /


correctness or orthodoxy of action or practice.
Medicine/Medical. orthopraxia.

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Origin of orthopraxy

First recorded in 1850–55; ortho- + prax(is) + -y3

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Examples from the Web for orthopraxy

  • And what is the good of all your orthodoxy unless the orthodoxy of creed issues in orthopraxy of conduct?

  • Associated words: orthopedy, orthopraxy, orthopedic, orthopedist.

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British Dictionary definitions for orthopraxy


/ (ˈɔːθəˌpræksɪ) /


theol the belief that right action is as important as religious faith

Word Origin for orthopraxy

from Greek orthos correct + praxis deed, action

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Word Origin and History for orthopraxy



1840, from ortho- + Greek praxis "a doing, action, performance" (see praxis).

Errata -- Page 263, line 9 from bottom, for 'orthodoxy' read orthopraxy. This is a new coin from the mint of Dr. [Andrew] Wylie [of Bloomington College, Indiana], at least I have not before noticed it. Its etymology places it in a just contrast with orthodoxy: for if that consecrated word indicates thinking right, orthopraxy will legitimately import doing right, and hence, as Mr. Wylie says, orthopraxy in the last dread day will pass the divine ordeal incomparably better than orthodoxy. O! that a zeal for orthopraxy would transcend the zeal for orthodoxy! ["The Millennial Harbinger," vol. IV, no. VIII, Bethany, Va., August 1840]
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