[os-kuh n]
  1. one of an ancient people of south-central Italy.
  2. the Indo-European, probably Italic, language of the Oscans, written in an alphabet derived from the Etruscan.
  1. of or relating to the Oscans or their language.

Origin of Oscan

1590–1600; Latin Osc(ī) the Oscans + -an1
Related formsnon-Os·can, adjective, noun
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  1. an extinct language of ancient S Italy belonging to the Italic branch of the Indo-European familySee also Osco-Umbrian
  2. a speaker of this language; Samnite
  1. of or relating to this language
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of or pertaining to the ancient people of southern Italy, 1590s, from Latin Osci, Opsci (plural) "Oscans," literally "worshippers of Ops," a harvest goddess, the name related to Latin ops (genitive opis) "abundance, plenty, wealth, riches," from PIE *op- "to work, to produce in abundance" (see opus).

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