[ oz-muhn, os-; Turkish os-mahn ]


  1. 1259–1326, Turkish emir 1299–1326: founder of the Ottoman dynasty.

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Example Sentences

“These are huge, huge, natural changes that are occurring,” Osman says of this period, “where we’re fundamentally shifting the state of the climate system from an ice age into the world that each of us knows today.”

Three members of the family were killed in the explosion but Osman, the fourth, could not be found.

Ever since, they have been run in circles as they try to locate Osman.

Their little son, Arelan, runs around with his toy gun, but his father, Osman, had to get a real one to protect his house.

But soon they were reunited with Osman and Mohammed, along with their wives and children.

Osman, who was a parliamentary candidate from Mubarak's National Democratic Party, said the police were only out to restore order.

Osman, the ruling bashaw, although a Turk, was a regular Tartar to deal with.

He ain't much to look at—a skinny little man, Osman, that ye cud sthrangle between ye'er thumb an' forefinger.

These submarine springs are believed to take their source in the hills of Osman, some 500 or 600 miles distant.

Hester shuddered again; said that she would never forget Osman, and would be as careful and attentive to orders as possible.

Osman did not condescend to speak directly to him, but held communication through the negro.





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