[ os-pree ]
/ ˈɒs pri /

noun, plural os·preys.

Also called fish hawk. a large hawk, Pandion haliaetus, that feeds on fish.
a plume for trimming hats.

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Origin of osprey

1425–75; late Middle English ospray(e) ≪ Latin ossifraga ossifrage; compare Middle French orfraie, offraie, Old French ospres
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/ (ˈɒsprɪ, -preɪ) /


a large broad-winged fish-eating diurnal bird of prey, Pandion haliaetus, with a dark back and whitish head and underparts: family PandioridaeOften called (US and Canadian): fish hawk
any of the feathers of various other birds, used esp as trimming for hats

Word Origin for osprey

C15: from Old French ospres, apparently from Latin ossifraga, literally: bone-breaker, from os bone + frangere to break
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