[ os-uh-fahyd ]
/ ˈɒs əˌfaɪd /


hardened like or into bone.
Slang. drunk.

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Origin of ossified

First recorded in 1790–1800; ossify + -ed2

Related formsun·os·si·fied, adjective


[ os-uh-fahy ]
/ ˈɒs əˌfaɪ /

verb (used with object), os·si·fied, os·si·fy·ing.

to convert into or cause to harden like bone.

verb (used without object), os·si·fied, os·si·fy·ing.

to become bone or harden like bone.
to become rigid or inflexible in habits, attitudes, opinions, etc.: a young man who began to ossify right after college.

Origin of ossify

1705–15; < Latin ossi- (stem of os) bone + -fy

Related formsos·si·fi·er, nounun·os·si·fy·ing, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for ossified


/ (ˈɒsɪˌfaɪd) /


converted into bone
having become set and inflexible
Irish slang intoxicated; drunk


/ (ˈɒsɪˌfaɪ) /

verb -fies, -fying or -fied

to convert or be converted into bone
(intr) (of habits, attitudes, etc) to become inflexible
Derived Formsossifier, noun

Word Origin for ossify

C18: from French ossifier, from Latin os bone + facere to make

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Word Origin and History for ossified



1713, "to turn into bone," a back-formation from ossification, or else modeled on French ossifier (18c.) and formed from Latin os (genitive ossis) "bone" (see osseous) + -fy. Figurative sense is from 1858. Related: Ossified; ossifying.

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Medicine definitions for ossified


[ ŏsə-fī′ ]


To change into bone.

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