or Os·ti·ak

[ os-tee-ak ]

noun,plural Os·ty·aks, (especially collectively) Os·ty·ak.

Origin of Ostyak

1715–25; <Russian ostyák originally a Khanty, later used for the Samoyedic Selkup, the Ket, and certain Mansi groups <Khanty ās-jax, plural of as-xo one living on the Ob, equivalent to Ās the river Ob + xo man

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How to use Ostyak in a sentence

  • The Ostyak wears a great-coat made of the skin of a white deer; this gives him the appearance of a great white bear.

    Far Off | Favell Lee Mortimer
  • The reindeer, after he is dead, is of as much use to the Ostyak, as when he was alive; for his skin is his master's clothing.

    Far Off | Favell Lee Mortimer
  • The Samoyed tent is commonly covered with reindeer skins, the Ostyak tent with birch bark.

British Dictionary definitions for Ostyak


/ (ˈɒstɪˌæk) /

  1. plural -aks or -ak a member of an Ugrian people living in NW Siberia E of the Urals

  2. the language of this people, belonging to the Finno-Ugric family: related to Hungarian

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