[ uhth-er-wahyz ]
/ ˈʌð ərˌwaɪz /


under other circumstances: Otherwise they may get broken.
in another manner; differently: Under the circumstances, I can't believe otherwise.
in other respects: an otherwise happy life.


or else; if not: Button up your overcoat, otherwise you'll catch cold.


other or different; of another nature or kind: We hoped his behavior would be otherwise.
in other or different circumstances: An otherwise pleasure had become a grinding chore.

Origin of otherwise

before 900; Middle English; Old English (on) ōthre wīsan (in) another manner. See other, -wise
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Word Origin for otherwise

C14: from Old English on ōthre wīsan in other manner

usage for otherwise

The expression otherwise than means in any other way than and should not be followed by an adjective: no-one taught by this method can be other than (not otherwise than) successful; you are not allowed to use the building otherwise than as a private dwelling
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