[ oo-spen-skee; Russian oo-spyen-skyee ]
/ uˈspɛn ski; Russian uˈspyɛn skyi /


Pe·ter De·mia·no·vich [pee-ter di-myah-nuh-vich; Russian pyawtr dyi-myah-nuh-vyich] /ˈpi tər dɪˈmyɑ nə vɪtʃ; Russian ˈpyɔtr dyɪˈmyɑ nə vyɪtʃ/, 1878–1947, Russian philosopher and author.
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  • What was it some Russian scientist—Ouspensky, wasn't it—had said?

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  • As Ouspensky says, we have created two lives—one material, the other spiritual.

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