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[ ou-ster ]


  1. expulsion or removal from a place or position occupied:

    The opposition called for the ouster of the cabinet minister.

  2. Law.
    1. an ejection or eviction; dispossession.
    2. a wrongful exclusion from real property.


/ ˈaʊstə /


  1. property law the act of dispossessing of freehold property; eviction; ejection
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Word History and Origins

Origin of ouster1

1525–35; < Anglo-French, noun use of infinitive See oust
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Example Sentences

The Jets could still opt to give Darnold another year to develop under a new coaching staff following the ouster of the widely scorned Adam Gase, and use the No.

The party is also happy to outsource the accountability effort to Democrats who are pushing for the committee ouster.

Lurie said after the ouster of Pederson that Pederson did not necessarily deserve to be fired but the two differed about the best way for the organization to move forward.

The Texans hired O’Brien after he spent two years as the head coach of a Penn State program trying to get back on its feet after a scandal rocked the university and forced the ouster of Joe Paterno.

While each ouster has its own twists and turns, there’s a lot that unites these companies and founders.

From Fortune

Mubarak will remain in an army hospital, where has been held since his ouster.

To the contrary: since the 2011 ouster of Gaddafi, the world has cut Libya a lot of slack.

Nor does the suggestion that her justified complaints about pay inequity played no part in her ouster hold much printer's ink.

After the original tape of Sterling was made public, he was one of the first owners to denounce him and demand his ouster.

Zelaya's ouster was controversial, and his supporters counted on leveraging his image as a coup victim into a sympathy vote.

Subsequently, on a quo warranto being filed against him, judgment of ouster was obtained.

Purque nous nentendons pas que par tiel cause il nous puit ouster de nostre accord.

To this virtual "ouster" of their jurisdiction over the question the Lords very naturally objected.

Those who instituted the ouster proceedings were Republicans.


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