[ out-uh v-print ]
/ ˈaʊt əvˈprɪnt /


being no longer published; no longer printed or reprinted: a bookstore specializing in out-of-print books.


a book, pamphlet, etc., that is no longer published.

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Origin of out-of-print

First recorded in 1665–75

Origin of print

1250–1300; (noun) Middle English prent(e), print(e), prient(e) < Old French priente impression, print, noun use of feminine past participle of preindre to press1 < Latin premere; (v.) Middle English prenten, derivative of the noun

Related formsun·print·ed, adjectivewell-print·ed, adjective

Can be confusedprince prints

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British Dictionary definitions for out of print


/ (prɪnt) /



See also print out

Word Origin for print

C13 priente, from Old French: something printed, from preindre to make an impression, from Latin premere to press

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Word Origin and History for out of print
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Idioms and Phrases with out of print

out of print

see under in print; also see go out, def. 6.


In addition to the idiom beginning with print

  • print out

also see:

  • go out (of print)
  • in print
  • small print
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