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    in/out of the loop, included in or excluded from a group of people who receive the latest information about something: She’s often out of the loop on policy decisions.
    throw/knock for a loop, to astonish or upset: Her quitting the project really threw me for a loop.

Origin of loop

1350–1400; Middle English loupe loop of cloth, perhaps < Scots Gaelic lub loop, bend

Can be confusedloop loupe

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British Dictionary definitions for out of the loop




the round or oval shape formed by a line, string, etc, that curves around to cross itself
any round or oval-shaped thing that is closed or nearly closed
a piece of material, such as string, curved round and fastened to form a ring or handle for carrying by
an intrauterine contraceptive device in the shape of a loop
  1. a closed electric or magnetic circuit through which a signal can circulate
  2. short for loop aerial
a flight manoeuvre in which an aircraft flies one complete circle in the vertical plane
Also called: loop line mainly British a railway branch line which leaves the main line and rejoins it after a short distance
maths physics a closed curve on a graphhysteresis loop
another name for antinode
  1. the most common basic pattern of the human fingerprint, formed by several sharply rising U-shaped ridgesCompare arch 1 (def. 4b), whorl (def. 3)
  2. a bend in a tubular structure, such as the U-shaped curve in a kidney tubule (Henle's loop or loop of Henle)
computing a series of instructions in a program, performed repeatedly until some specified condition is satisfied
skating a jump in which the skater takes off from a back outside edge, makes one, two, or three turns in the air, and lands on the same back outside edge
a group of people to whom information is circulated (esp in the phrases in or out of the loop)


(tr) to make a loop in or of (a line, string, etc)
(tr) to fasten or encircle with a loop or something like a loop
Also: loop the loop to cause (an aircraft) to perform a loop or (of an aircraft) to perform a loop
(intr) to move in loops or in a path like a loop

Word Origin for loop

C14: loupe, origin unknown




an archaic word for loophole

Word Origin for loop

C14: perhaps related to Middle Dutch lupen to watch, peer

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Word Origin and History for out of the loop
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Medicine definitions for out of the loop




A curve or bend in a cord or other cylindrical body, forming an oval or circular ring.
A type of loop-shaped intrauterine device.

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Idioms and Phrases with out of the loop

out of the loop

see under in the loop.


see in the loop; knock for a loop.

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