[ out-fruhnt ]

  1. candid; frank; honest: The politician was less than out-front with the interviewer.

Origin of out-front

An Americanism dating back to 1915–20

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How to use out-front in a sentence

  • He only sat out front, and watched and listened; and he went away without expressing an opinion to anybody.

  • I heard a cow low, and I went out front, and there Daisy stood on the lawn.

  • Even Mr. Enslee's cook hardly knows it's here; he doesn't permit any of the servants except the house staff to come out front.

    What Will People Say? | Rupert Hughes
  • Lets suggest to Mr. Steele that he rope off a place out front where he is going to have the fireworks.

  • Haman and followers pass out front where Mordecai sits by the gate, together with others.

    The Blood of Rachel | Cotton Noe

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In front of a building or house, as in We really need to put another light out front, or I'll meet you at the museum, out front. The antonym, referring to the back of a building, is out back, as in John's out back fixing his bike. The noun front has been used for the side of a building where the main entrance is located since the mid-1300s; back for the rear of a building dates from the late 1300s.

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