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[ out-uhv-pok-it ]


  1. paid out in cash or from one's own financial resources and sometimes reimbursed:

    My out-of-pocket travel expenses included taking business clients to dinner.

  2. without funds or assets:

    an out-of-pocket student who stayed with us.

out of pocket


  1. postpositive having lost money, as in a commercial enterprise
  2. without money to spend
  3. prenominal (of expenses) unbudgeted and paid for in cash

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Word History and Origins

Origin of out-of-pocket1

First recorded in 1880–85

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Example Sentences

How much the vouchers are worth, and how much women are expected to pay out-of-pocket, depends on what state they live in.

Out-of-pocket limit: $6,400 in-network; $12,800 out of network.

The out-of-pocket limits are very slightly lower: $6,000 and $12,000.

Medicaid 'nearly eliminated catastrophic out-of-pocket medical expenditures.'

Utilization went up, out-of-pocket expenditure went down, and the freqency of depression diagnoses was lower.

He kept three stud farms going, and his out-of-pocket expenses ran to £50,000 and more a year.

He also suggested that he might be reimbursed for his out-of-pocket expenses in getting up the Tribute.

Of course, Berry did not suggest that there was any actual money out-of-pocket loss.

"If you can find the money, I'll undertake the work without fees, for absolutely out-of-pocket expenses," said Lane generously.

The services of the members of council and executive are given gratuitously, no out-of-pocket expenses of any kind being refunded.





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