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[ noun out-krop; verb out-krop ]


  1. Geology.
    1. a cropping out, as of a stratum or vein at the surface of the earth.
    2. the exposed portion of such a stratum or vein.
  2. something that emerges suddenly or violently in the manner of an outcrop; outbreak:

    an outcrop of student demonstrations.

verb (used without object)

, out·cropped, out·crop·ping.
  1. to crop out, as strata.



  1. part of a rock formation or mineral vein that appears at the surface of the earth
  2. an emergence; appearance


  1. (of rock strata, mineral veins, etc) to protrude through the surface of the earth
  2. another word for crop out


/ outkrŏp′ /

  1. An area of visible bedrock that is not covered with soil.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of outcrop1

First recorded in 1760–70; noun use of verb phrase crop out

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Example Sentences

Then, Ingenuity photographed some rock outcrops and raised ridges in South Séítah that had looked interesting in images taken from an orbiting spacecraft.

This rock outcrop, known as Humpback Rocks, is a popular hike and provides views of the Rockfish and Shenandoah valleys.

These outcrops could be remnants of the edge of the lake that used to fill Jezero crater or could represent an even older lake that was replaced.

Even eroded outcrops close to Perseverance’s landing site look like they had a watery history.

“Dreamland” sits high on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the Juneau Icefield, not far from the border between Alaska and British Columbia.

With this hideous bushy outcrop, the beard has reached its end game.

He is dancing on an outcrop (that means a ledge of rock) in the middle of Australia at six o'clock before breakfast.

The outcrop of the serpentine here, I am told, is quite limited, with steep sides till round it.

Father and eldest son walked quietly out over the untouched portion of the outcrop before the house.

From the ship's deck, even when within a mile, the outcrop had appeared to project directly from under the inland ice-sheet.

Hannam operated the forge, and picks and drills were sent along for pointing; an outcrop of gneiss serving as an anvil.


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