[out-poo t]
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  1. the act of turning out; production: the factory's output of cars; artistic output.
  2. the quantity or amount produced, as in a given time: to increase one's daily output.
  3. the material produced or yield; product.
  4. the current, voltage, power, or signal produced by an electrical or electronic circuit or device.Compare input(def 4).
  5. Computers.
    1. information in a form suitable for transmission from internal to external units of a computer, or to an outside medium.
    2. the process of transferring data from internal storage to an external medium, as paper or microfilm.
  6. the power or force produced by a machine.
verb (used with or without object), out·put·ted or out·put, out·put·ting.
  1. Computers. to transfer (information) from internal storage to an external medium.
  2. to produce; turn out.

Origin of output

First recorded in 1855–60; out- + put
Related formssu·per·out·put, noun
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  1. the act of production or manufacture
  2. Also called: outturn the amount produced, as in a given perioda high weekly output
  3. the material produced, manufactured, yielded, etc
  4. electronics
    1. the power, voltage, or current delivered by a circuit or component
    2. the point at which the signal is delivered
  5. the power, energy, or work produced by an engine or a system
  6. computing
    1. the information produced by a computer
    2. the operations and devices involved in producing this informationSee also input/output
  7. (modifier) of or relating to electronic, computer, or other outputoutput signal; output device; output tax
verb -puts, -putting, -put or -putted (tr)
  1. computing to cause (data) to be emitted as output
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Word Origin and History for outputting



1839, from out + put (v.). Till c.1880, a technical term in the iron and coal trade [OED]. The verb is attested from mid-14c., originally "to expel;" meaning "to produce" is from 1858.

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outputting in Medicine


  1. The amount produced, ejected, or excreted by an entity during a specified time.
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outputting in Science


  1. The energy, power, or work produced by a system or device.
  2. The information that a computer produces by processing a specific input. Compare input device.
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