[out-pawr-ing, -pohr-]


something that pours out or is poured out; an outflow, overflow, or effusion: an outpouring of sympathy from her friends.

Origin of outpouring

1750–60; out- + pouring


[noun out-pawr, -pohr; verb out-pawr, -pohr]


verb (used with object)

to pour out.

Origin of outpour

First recorded in 1665–75; out- + pour
Related formsout·pour·er, noun
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Examples from the Web for outpouring

Contemporary Examples of outpouring

Historical Examples of outpouring

  • O let us seek his aid in our holy work, and pray for his outpouring upon our congregations!

  • And then an influence of sympathy attended the outpouring of its contents.

    The Man with the Book

    John Matthias Weylland

  • The sharp impression of resentment and indignation which possessed him calmed down under this outpouring of words.

    Salem Chapel, v.1/2

    Mrs. Oliphant

  • Oh, what a symbol of the constant, daily outpouring of one's life and strength for the benefit of a lost world!

  • It was all the outpouring of joy now, the ecstasy of discovery, the feeling that another life of love had blended with his.

British Dictionary definitions for outpouring



a passionate or exaggerated outburst; effusion


noun (ˈaʊtˌpɔː)

the act of flowing or pouring out
something that pours out

verb (ˌaʊtˈpɔː)

to pour or cause to pour out freely or rapidly
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Word Origin and History for outpouring

mid-15c., "a pouring out," from out + infinitive of pour (v.). From 1757 as "action of pouring out," originally transferred, of things spiritual; sense of "that which is poured out" (again, usually transferred) is from 1827.

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